Sunday, 4 November 2012

From the Vedas to the Computers: A Journey through the Milllennia

It would not be wrong to say that Bollywood Music is the most important resource of contemporary music in India. Without undermining the importance of other genres, one can accept that its mass appeal goes much beyond any other genre of music or any of its regional counterparts. During the seven decades of its history, it has seen a lot of experimentation, taking a leaf every now and then from the classical traditions, folk traditions, Western styles and Sufi genres of music and amalgamating them all without much concern about their purity. It evolved into a fusion of different styles that remains one of the most popular musical resources in this world.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Transcending the boundaries of religion and politics

The human history of twentieth century is heavily marred and stained by divisions, violence and sufferings that had often something to do with either religion or politics. A century that witnessed two unprecedented World Wars and remained at the brink of a third one for many decades in a row, .... a century that witnessed some of the worst genocides in the history of mankind, putting humanity to shame ..... in such a century, Bollywood music is one of the few bright spots that emerged unscathed by these horrors.

Bollywood was emerging into a mainstream of popular entertainment of the masses when Indian was partitioned. With millions affected, displaced, looted or killed across both sides of the new border, the Bollywood remained reasonably unaffected  .....  a feet for which it has never been given adequate credit.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bollywood Music - When the Part becomes bigger than the Whole

One of the biggest differences between Bollywood and every other film industry (including Hollywood) is Bollywood music. Right from the first "talking movie" produced in Bollywood, Alam Ara (1931), songs have been an integral part of Bollywood movies. In fact, just after Bollywood experienced sound, a movie Indra Sabha had as many as 69 songs. While the numbers later came down, the quality continued to grow and reached a stage where Bollywood songs virtually became the only form of popular Hindi music in India.

The importance of Songs and Music in Bollywood not withstanding, they were still a part of the movie itself, the commercial success of which was the ultimate goal for everybody. Good music was always the best form of free publicity and often an assurance of success, yet what invariably mattered was the success of the movie itself.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bollywood Music - A Treasure more precious than Wealth

If the greatest tresure of all be one that never depletes,  irrespective of how many keep consuming it for ever, then Bollywood Music must rank as one of the most precious treasures ever created by mankind!

From the days radio became popular in India, it is the single biggest medium of entertainment for the common Indian. Its reach transcends boundaries of religion, barriers of language and differences in social and economic status. While there was a time when everything related to movies was frowned upon by elders in the family, those days are long over, since the elders of today have grown up enjoying the fruits of this treasure. Tastes may be different and so may be the choices, but few can shun or keep away Bollywood music alltogether from their life today.